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Philishave a different hobby. I Collect Old Philips shavers Can you help?

After having used the New Philips Senso Touch 3D RQ1260 Shaver,for 24 months, I am very happy to report that it is the Best Philips shaver I have ever owned.The Newly released Philips shavers July 2010 in Australia.
Having used Philips shavers for the past 50 years I am in a good position to give a judgement on the New Philips Shaver.
By the way the Senso Touch I much prefer to use that as a wet shaver with shaving cream or vitamin E cream it gives an excellent close refreshing shave.

The Newly released Philips Power Touch Shaver released 2011. During the past year I have used the basic model up to the top of the range in that series of Shavers. They are fairly plain but generally do a good job, ease of use and cleaning. The PT920 Works well silent and quiet. Triple Track with 50% faster shaving surface.

By the way The Philips James Bond Shaver HQ8894 now a few years old with over 110 minutes of shaving time on a single one hour charge is still my all time favourite. And does an excellent job.

Thanks for your emails, and for those needing further help and information.I am pleased to assist. Please read on......

Peter Bosscher, Senior Manager Business Development Personal Care & Domestic Appliances for Philips Australia & New Zealand says: “Since introducing the first Philishave shaver in 1939, Philips has continued to set the benchmark for electric shaving innovation and performance.
With Senso Touch 3D, we have focused on designing a premium results-orientated product for men who want to achieve their best look. With our most advanced shaver yet, we hope to help men achieve their most advanced shave yet.”

The Gyro Flex 3D system seamlessly follows every contour of your face and shaves every hair in just a few strokes with its Ultra Track heads.
Follows the unique contours of your face
• Gyro Flex 3D system adjusts seamlessly to every curve
Sensationally smooth shave
• Patented Super Lift & Cut Action cuts hair comfortably
• Ultra Track heads catch every hair with just a few strokes Takes care of your skin

Qualities of the New 1260 3D series. I have found it to be a big improvement on the Architec Series,Smooth, low-friction Skin Glide to minimise irritation
Perfect control and precision, with less irritation, on the skin, the 3D improved storage for the whiskers.
Very easy to clean and the shaving cutters can be removed individually for an extra clean wash.
Easy grip handle with ergonomic grip for close control feels just great and secure in the hand.
Skin-friendly precision trimmer, again an improvement on the Architect. Not suitable for beard trimming, not intended for that purpose. Side burns is fine.
Let me state it again plainlyPhilishave Collection
I find the shaver does a splendid job and very close shave when you use a vitamin E lotion or gel or just wet with a bit of soap. It really gives a very nice close shave. Philips Calls it the Aquatec seal for a comfortable dry and a refreshing wet shave.
I am very pleased with the Shaver.
For me the best Shaver I have ever owned.
It looks and feels great and does a wonderful job, quick and easy. I do like to have a shave every day and look clean shaven.
This shaver does it quickly and without effort specially with a wet face. Which suites me.

For all those switching over from razor blade shaving to electric, it will take you a few days or for some a week or more.
Even for people with a tough beard because this shaver can be used wet or dry, it results in less irritation and a cleaner quicker shave.

Please read on. Can you help me, and do me a great favour, I am looking for the following Australian made Philips shavers model SC 7950 and model SC 7800 These were the very first 3 headed shavers made by Philips in 1956. I would be happy to buy or exchange for another much later shaver.
Extra Background for your interest
Back in 1956, Philips test marketed two triple-headed Philishave models, the SC7800 and SC7950, in Australia and New Zealand. While the shavers received positive reaction in the marketplace, the project was cancelled for two reasons--three headed shavers would have taxed Philips' production capacity at that time and because Philips thought the two-headed models could be improved upon.
These two Shavers were made in Australia.
The First Triple headed to be sold World Wide did not start till 1966 10 years later.

Please read on.......For the past 10 years I have been collecting old and new Philips Shavers. At the present time I have a collection of over 95 different Philips Shavers. And a dozen or so from other brands.

Philips Shavers simple the bestPhilips Shavers
The very first Philips I have, was made in 1939 and looks identical to the first Philips shavers that were made just after world war 2 I have the 1946 model,these were black and just one head.
In recent years I have shown my shaver collection at the Shaver shop at Tea Tree Gully, and in more recent years at the Good Guys,just before fathers day & Christmas time. There was a great interest.

All New shavers by Philips are now called Philips shavers.
For a long time they were called Philishave.
In The USA Norelco Shavers, now bear the name Philips Norelco and in time only the Philips name will remain.

I not only collect, but also clean and service Philips shavers as a hobby specially for people living in nursing homes and folks who's eye site is not what is used to be. Keeping the Shaver clean and well serviced is very important. Do you need help or advise in that regard please contact me.

Electric Shavers have come a long way. But some of the old shavers although a lot noisier they did the job. Personally I have been using a Philips Philishave for the past 50 years successfully. I have included a picture of my collection, just open attachment photo.
Philips has produced more than 500 million Shavers over the years and still going strong.
Some interesting history
In the beginning of the previous century the Philips company, founded in 1891, was known for its light bulbs and radios. In the 1930s there was a considerable drop in sales figures because of the world wide depression. This was the cause to start a search for new products. An executive of the company was sent to the USA in search of ideas that might be profitable for Philips. He came back with, among other things, a suitcase filled with electric shavers. Initially nobody of the company management was interested in producing a shaver, except one young engineer, product developer Horowitz.
Alexandre Horowitz Alexandre "Sacha" Horowitz was born in 1904 at Antwerp (Belgium). In 1914 the family fled to The Netherlands to escape the German occupation of Belgium during World War I, and settled in Amsterdam. Horowitz studied at the University of Technology at Delft where he majored in both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering; he graduated in 1927. Two years later Horowitz joined Philips. He was a real inventor: he had 136 patents awarded to his name over a period of 50 years covering a wide variety of products including farm machinery and oil industry equipment. His most famous invention, however, was the Philishave rotary electric shaver. Horowitz died in 1982.
For those who want to have some more information about the success about the Philishaver please look

Please Help
Please don't throw out those old Philips shavers, have a look for that old Philips shaver specially models SC 7950 and model SC 7800 These were the very first 3 headed shavers made by Philips in 1956. I would be happy to buy or exchange for another much later shaver.
Should you like some info about shavers please contact me. I might be able to help you with parts and advise.
During my visit to The Netherlands 2008 and 2009 I met up with Peter, who has a excellent collection of Shavers and he was very pleased to show them to me, at present there are about 100 Philips shaver Collectors in Holland The Netherlands.

May 10, 2007 Philips announced it has produced its 500 millionth electric shaver. The milestone of 400 million shavers has been reached April 10, 2002, so Philips produced some 20 million shavers a year over the last five years. One third of this amount is made at Drachten, The Netherlands, the rest is manufactured at Zhuhai, in the south of China. The research centre for shavers is still at Drachten, but the assembly of shavers is being moved more and more to Zhuhai. China is one of Philips' most important markets. One third of all Philips shavers is being sold in China.

Should you want to know more about Philips shavers and the Shavers you can simple rinse clean under the tap, wet & dry shavers.
I have now used every model of Philips shaver.Including the 3D Senso Touch 1260 On a daily basis.

Can I help you with a shaver info , parts, advise, which shaver you should use, general help and advise free, just email,also references to other shaving pages etc.

Thanks for looking.

Rintje Taekema